Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outlook settings menu is using incorrect font

This has happened a few times in the past and I never was able to narrow down what font caused the problem until now! My previous post regarding Adobe Creative Suite and the missing font seems to be similar. Outlook uses the Tahoma font to display it's menus, GAL entries, etc. Adobe also requires the Tahoma font on Windows XP.

Reinstall the Tahoma and Tahoma Bold Fonts or manually add the font keys back to the registry. In my case the font existed in the c:\windows\fonts folder, just the registry entry was removed. go figure.

Solution 2:
To fix mass amounts of machines I created a Group Policy object and added the two registry keys in the Computer Configuration/Preferences/Windows Settings/Registry location. voila!

Adobe CS3 Crash on startup, Initializing Palettes

After about 6 hours of repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, updating and no luck, I stumbled upon this adobe knowledge base article:

Creative Suite 3 application crashes during "Initializing palettes". (Windows)


Adobe CS3 requires a font to startup in Windows XP and Windows Vista. They are as follows:

* On Windows XP,Creative Suite 3 requires the Tahoma font.
* OnWindows Vista,Creative Suite 3requires the Segoe-UI font.

If only I had searched google for "initializing palettes" instead of the actual error message at crash point. go figure!